V1- typical application: HVAC VAV and VVT

8 inputs, 12 outputs (triac/0-10V), DP pressure sensor 0-6in H2O


V1 is a very powerful application specific controller, no code required. Use check boxes and sliders. Q1 controllers connect to a Rhea network appliance who hosts the network database and provides network tools to setup Q1 controllers. 

Typical applications include: 

VAV and VVT Variable Air Volume box

Additionally the following equipment can be controlled:

RTU Roof Top Units

HPU Heatpump Units

FCU Fan Coil Units

EF Exhaust Fans

When controlling equipment other than VAV, the differential pressure sensor can be used for discharge static pressure control, filter alarm, air flow, building pressure, etc. The DP sensor is highly accurate and stable and provides resolution of 20bits.





Software Updates

kb-047 support article