Automation Products by Product Type

Graphically programmable controllers:

Configurable HVAC controllers:

Lighting controllers:

Software User Interface:
  • InetSupervisor Portal app.

Automation Products by Industry

HVAC dry side: AHUAir Handling Units, MZ Multizone Units, FCU Fan Coils, HPU Heat Pumps, VAV Variable Air Volume, FAN ==> Q1 and V1 controllers

HVAC wet side: Chilled Water Plant, Cooling Tower, Hot Water Plant, Pumps, Boilers ==> P1 programmable and its associated slave I/O boards SI and SO

Lighting: LED lighting troffers, flat panels, high bay ==> L2 and LedRelay

Advanced Lighting: Circadian Tunable Lighting automation ==> L2 and LedRelay used with P1 programmable controller for maximum flexibility, also use a variety of sensors and switches.